A New Job

2011, Jul 05    

Back in April, I was offered a golden opportunity: start a trial contract with Automattic, Inc. If you don't know, Automattic is a company founded by Matt Mullenweg, who co-founded WordPress (the software that runs this blog). Automattic support WordPress.com, as well as some of the core developers of WordPress.org, and a variety of other WordPress-related projects.

I've been working with WordPress professionally for two and a half years now (running the UMaine.edu home page and roughly 350 department sites at the current time) and I have used it personally since around 2006. I've had a lot of fun developing plugins for WordPress, tracking down bugs, and making feeble attempts at patching core bugs (I've never gotten to the point of submitting patches, mostly due to time).

So I was very happy when Nick Momrik got in touch and offered me the trial contract. I worked on a couple of projects (updating the Slideshare shortcode for WordPress.com as well as an enhancement to WordPress.com's Publicize feature, soon to be launched). At the end of June, I was fortunate to speak with Matt Mullenweg, who offered me a full-time position with Automattic.

And, I'm happy to announce, I've accepted the offer and am now starting my three week support orientation!