Tim is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror author. He is currently working on his first novel.

Tim was born and raised in Down East Maine, and now lives in northern Maine. Tim balances his days between being the primary caregiver for his two daughters and writing.

As a person with fibromyalgia, PTSD,  and bipolar disorder, Tim advocates for disability and mental health awareness and acceptance. He is a feminist, LGBTQ+ supporter, and equal rights champion. Tim follows Wheaton’s Law and the Golden Rule, and hopes others will, as well, in their interactions with him.

In addition to being a writer, Tim is a freelance software engineer. He formerly worked for Automattic as a WordPress developer, and before that was a PHP developer. He currently volunteers at Strange Horizons as their senior web staffer. Tim also has an interest in cyber security.

From a young age (around 4), Tim has been a bookworm. It’s hard to find him without a book. Currently, Tim reads about two books a week, which translates to about 100 books a year.

This love of reading led Tim to a college career, where, as a first-generation college graduate, he earned a degree in English literature, linguistics, and creative writing.