A Picture of Tim Moore

I write poetry and fiction, long and short form. I am currently working on my first novel.

I was born and raised in Down East Maine, and now live in northern Maine. I balance my days between being the primary caregiver for my two daughters and writing.

As a person with fibromyalgia, PTSD, and bipolar disorder, I advocate for disability and mental health awareness and acceptance. I am a feminist, LGBTQ+ supporter, and equal rights champion. I follow Wheaton’s Law and the Golden Rule, and I hope others will, as well, in their interactions with me.

I formerly worked for Automattic as a WordPress developer, and before that was a PHP developer. In the past, I volunteered at Strange Horizons as their senior web staffer. I also have an interest in cyber security.

From a young age (around 4), I was a bookworm. It’s hard to find me without a book. Currently, I reads about two books a week, which translates to about 100 books a year.

This love of reading led me to a college career, where, as a first-generation college graduate, I earned a degree in English literature, linguistics, and creative writing.