About Tim


Hi! My name is Tim Moore. In no particular order, I am:

  • a speculative fiction author. I write near-future science fiction, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, and plenty otherwise.
  • a stay-at-home father, raising two daughters; the chief cook and bottle washer, to steal a phrase from my adoptive mother; a dog herder.
  • a feminist.
  • a futurist and technology geek.
  • a retired software developer (WordPress, PHP). Formerly of Automattic.
  • a freelance writer and editor.
  • an avid reader. On average, I read two books per week. In 2015, I read 95 books.
  • a Maine native, born Down East, and now residing in The County.
  • a first-generation college graduate.

My wife is an illustrator and a software developer.